Adware Doctor: Malware Remove App Reviews

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great app to remove pop up and ads

I am very satisfied by this app. Especially the updated version that have been advised by their support. By the way their support is very effective and reply to your questions and concerns as quick as possible. I deeply recommend it!!!!

Really effective!

Thank you, all problems with my browser were fixed instantly!

They lie about the virus and you buy it. Cheating.

They lie about the virus and you buy it. Cheating.

Ad Ware Doctor

This app worked quickly and elliminated the ad ware which looped and hung up Safari. I Recommend


Fixed the problem

Did it

This thing did what it was supposed to and it did it much faster than anything else. Other programs took a very long time to scan my system and didn’t even end up working in the end.

Great app!

Great app! Removed all thoses stoopids ads from my safari and chrome! thank you!

Money well spent

3 minutes…done. After one week of failed manual removal.

Very effective- recommend!

Just did it - less than 10 minutes. Done! Been trying to remove this Offers4U for a week. With the app everything’s back to normal! Best $20 spent!

worked perfectly

the app worked in under 2 min and worked perfectly. my laptop is now in perfect function.


Had malwarebytes. it couldnt find the adware that slowed my wifi to a halt. took the chance on this app and within 5 mins the computer is like new again.


I have been having issues with adware for quite some time now. Since im not very tech savy i decided to purchase this app to help remedy the issue and it did exactly what it said it does! No more constant redirecting of internet pages! im so very grateful! thank you!

Worked Perfectly!

Totally worked like a charm for my Google browser on my iMac!

Thank you!!!

Was having all sorts of frustrations with pop ups & being redirected to other sites. Downloaded Adware Doctor and my Macbook Pro is running like new. Thanks so much!

Well, that was quick!

Adware Doctor located and told me where to clean out that pesky malware in seconds. Money well spent.

Great service alongside with a great software...

The software was able to dectect the problem and remove it. Their great service helped me fix my computer in couple of minutes. would recommend this app to everyone. must buy for every mac user!!!

Noticed Browser Efficiency

I bought this app based on the reviews. I read an article about adware and malware. It did make my browser noticably faster.


Finally, now I can watch porn safely.

Worked Perfectly

Browsers were not working and now they are after cleaning them with this app.

Adware Doctor Best Ever!

I was having trouble removing Offers4U from my Mac I tried several other addware removal apps and Adware Doctor was the only one that worked flawlessly

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